Denison ISD to implement new security measures for all district schools

Published: Mar. 22, 2018 at 5:28 PM CDT
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After a Denison school security forum a couple of weeks ago, the school said they're tightening security.

"When you see something on the news that there's been a school shooting, it gets to me big time," said Denison ISD Superintendent Dr. Henry Scott. "It's like what more can we do to protect our students?"

Following the Florida school shooting which took the lives of 17 students and teachers and injured others, Denison ISD said they're improving school security.

"At each of our campuses we have a secure point of entry where visitors have to be buzzed into our schools," Dr. Scott said. "We're in the process of adding what's called a visitor management system."

"Do you have your ID on you," asked a school administrator.

"The first line of security and staff members are safe and one of those things is checking IDs and letting us know who's coming into the building," said Denison ISD Head of Security Odis Luper.

It's instant screening for all visitors. Checking to see if a visitor is registered as a sex offender, screen for banned visitors by that district and gives the school a heads up as to who is in their building.

"Once that's done it will print their ID and then get access into the building," Luper said.

"Here's your sticker and we'll let you in," the administrator said.

Visitors will then be escorted by staff where they need to go.

Officials said this screening system is only at Denison High School and Scott Middle School and the ID must be a government or military ID.

The superintendent said the school board recently approved for each school in the district to have this type of check-in, costing about 20-thousand dollars total.

The school has two armed security officers and also employ off duty police officers, which gives them additional security.

"Security and safety is an ongoing process," Dr. Scott said. "It's not just an event you do that you forget about, you have to continue that process looking to improve that process each year and I think we have."

School officials say they hope to implement this checking system with all Denison ISD schools by the end of this year or before the summer months.

If you have a tip regarding the safety of a Denison school, there is an online form at the Denison ISD school website you can fill out if you want to notify school security.