Denison Library received 3D printers from Lindsay Glass Systems

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- The Denison Public Library just received two 3D printers from Lindsay Glass Systems, and they are already being put to good use.

"I would definitely bring her by, especially if it were to benefit her learning," said Denison mom Taylor Alexander.

The printers cost $4000 apiece, which includes training and the plastic needed to print objects.

3D printing is affordable at the library, as they will charge 15 cents per gram of plastic used, meaning most objects printed only cost about $5-7.

Denison Library associate director Steve McGowen says everyone from kids wanting to print new toys, to mechanics that need spare parts for machines can benefit from the new printers.

"If there's some special tool or some special object that you need to make, you can design it yourself and you can come down here. As long as it fits inside the 3D printer, we can print it off for you," said McGowen.

Denison mom Taylor Alexander has two girls at home, and she is excited for what the printers can teach them.

"I think its pretty awesome, especially if your kids are learning things like shapes or letters, blocks, anything like that you can bring it by here," said Alexander.

You can print almost anything from these printers, except weapons. Library staff reviews all objects before they're printed.

"As long as its appropriate for the library and as long as its not going to harm anybody, we will be pretty generous about allowing people to make different objects, but we will have final say on what gets printed," said McGowen.

The library plans on holding classes open to anyone in the community who wants to learn how to use these 3D printers.

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