Denison Mayor Janet Gott discusses city's response for COVID-19

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - With eight of the first 12 COVID-19 cases in Grayson County being Denison residents, Denison Mayor Janet Gott wants to assure everyone as of now there has not been community spread.

"But we have not seen it go from a person who is confirmed to someone who they had incidental contact with. That is good news," she said.

Some of the new orders handed down by Governor Greg Abbott require non essential businesses to close through the end of the month, and those who don't abide by the rules could suffer the consequences.

"He (Abbott) mandates there are fines associated with non essential businesses that do not close, and those fines are a $1000 and/or up to 180 days in jail," said Gott.

With testing to become more readily available, Gott said its not necessarily a bad thing that there might be an increase in positive cases.

"But that means we are identifying those that are infected and we can limit their contact to others," said Gott.

If you do need to leave your house, Gott says to be responsible with your decisions wherever you may go," said Gott.

"Be smart, be wise when you're going out to do those things. Don't put yourself at unnecessary risks because you put your family at unnecessary risks," said Gott.