Plano bomb squad disables suspicious device in Denison

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- A 15-year-old boy has been arrested after a bomb squad investigation at a home in Denison.

Denison police said the teen's mother called them after she saw her son making a suspicious device.

Though the Plano Bomb Squad did determine it was not an explosive, police say the teen was still taken into custody because threats like this are taken very seriously.

"It was scary, not knowing what was going on," neighbor Malesia Kelsey said.

"You can't just say anymore that 'oh its nothing, we don't need to check it,' because we need to, that way we make sure that way everybody is safe," Denison Police Lt. Mike Eppler said.

Denison police got the call Tuesday afternoon reporting a suspicious device.

"Then after we got out here we went ahead and contacted the ATF to let them know, and they in turn contacted the Plano Police Department Bomb Squad to come down here and investigate," Eppler said.

"More cops showed up and then the bomb squad showed up," Kelsey said.

Not one, but two bomb squad units came out to investigate, shutting down Hanna Street just north of Highway 69 for about three hours.

"They X-rayed the device and some other things as well and ultimately determined to go ahead and destroy it with a water cannon to determine what's inside of it," Eppler said.

Kelsey said this isn't the first time she's run into problems with her neighbor.

"The backyard had been on fire a couple months ago, we were kinda worried something would blow up in there," Kelsey said.

No one in the area was asked to leave their home during the investigation. Kelsey said she's now looking into moving out.

"Something going on every month, every other month on this street, so we're kinda maybe looking to change locations maybe," Kelsey said.

"There's things we'd like to find out about the suspect, anyone with any information in the neighborhood, we'd like to talk to them about it," Eppler said.

The Plano Bomb Squad is analyzing the device and the charges the teen faces depends on what they find. Right now he's being held on making terroristic threats.

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