Denison Police urge drivers to lock car doors after auto burglaries

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Denison police are warning people to lock their cars after a string of auto burglaries hit a neighborhood.

"Well I woke up Wednesday morning to take my kids to school and I got into my truck and all my console was taken out and my gun was missing," said Denison resident Curtis Mayes.

Mayes said someone went through his car after midnight Wednesday.

"The inside was messed up," Mayes said. "I was surprised at the things they left behind, but it taught me. I thought I locked it, but I guess I didn't this time."

And the thief stole a Glock 17- 9 millimeter handgun, worth almost 500 dollars.

"They left an AR-15 magazine, they left another magazine, they left the tools in the back," Mayes said. "They left the change in the car so I don't know if they were after that specifically or what."

Mayes said the streets off Cortez and Coronado in Denison are relatively crime free, but his truck wasn't the only one hit.

"My neighbor across the road and next door was hit the same night and I think some people down the road were also hit," Mayes said.

"it doesn't matter if you're at home or the store, wherever you are, lock the vehicle up," said Denison Police spokesperson Lt. Mike Eppler.

Denison police said car burglaries have been reported all across town, but he said the thieves target unlocked cars.

"We're just really bringing this to people's attention because there's a lot people can do to make themselves not a victim," Lt. Eppler said. "And this is definitely one of them."

"Just be careful, don't assume you're in a safe neighborhood," Mayes said. "And if you're the one who has my property, turn it in."

So far no one's been caught for those crimes, but police want to remind the public to always lock their doors.

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