Denison actor reflects on life

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- Denison resident David Harrod's love for acting started by watching the Little Rascals.

This inspired him to want to be an actor.

But that desire didn't become real until a teacher at Denison High School helped him along the way.

"Ms. McBrayer at Denison High School was probably the biggest instrument as far as getting me started," David Harrod said. "Because like I was saying, I was Dyslexic, I was really having trouble in school . I would literally have panic attacks just thinking about going to school."

David has struggled with Dyslexia his whole life.

When it came down to writing or even reading a script for a role, he established a technique that helped him out.

"I literally have to tape them," Harrod said. "A lot of times, if I lived near a place that had a bridge where there was an echo, it sounds strangle, but it actually helped me memorize lines faster."

David attended Grayson College for four years where he was rewarded the Presidential Scholarship.

After finding success on the stage, his first audition would be Walker, Texas Ranger.

His proudest film to work on was Terrance Malick's 1998 film The Thin Red Line where he learned from some of the best actors in Hollywood like Nick Nolte and Sean Penn.

"That was an amazing experience," Harrod said. "Actually probably didn't learn how to act on film until I did that movie by just getting to work with Nick."

In 2000, David's acting career was cut short due to health complications that resulted in several back surgeries and surgery on his ribs.

Today, David lives in Denison with his wife and kids and has no regrets about where life has taken him.

"I wouldn't change anything because my children are both healthy. I have a wonderful wife. I believe I have lived a blessed life," Harrod said.

David is currently writing scripts for films including one that is already in the works to potentially be made in the future.

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