Denison card skimmer suspect caught on video

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) Detectives working with the Denison Police Department are investigating several card skimmers in gas pumps at a Denison gas station.

Surveillance video provided by Denison police shows a man, dressed in all black and wearing a hat, climb out of a black, four-door truck and place card skimmers at Roger's Country Store, on FM 120 and 1417, at around 11:30pm September 10th.

Denison police said that they believe that man has something to do with the several skimmers found at that station on September 23rd.

"There's other people involved," said Lt. Mike Eppler with the Denison Police Department. "At least one other person, but we don't know their description right now."

Both Pottsboro and Denison police confirm this gas station has had trouble with card skimmers in the past.

Officers say there could be a large number of people affected. If you believe you might be affected, or have any information, you're urged to call Denison police.