Denison family pays ransom to get dog back

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - A Denison family had to pay $300 to get their dog back after it was picked up by someone driving by their house.

The Drieselman family dogs were playing outside in their yard when a surveillance camera on the side of the house caught the moment their dog Jack crawled under this fence, outside their house, and was picked up by someone driving by.

"I said this is not a joke, this is not a sick joke. I've got two little girls in the car, we want our dog," said Erica Drieselman.

The Drieselman's dog Jack was the birthday present to five-year-old Saylor.

Tuesday morning, all of their dogs were outside.

"The dogs were out playing chase all around the yard and I was folding laundry in the laundry room," said Drieselman.

But that was when Jack crawled under the fence.

Surveillance footage on the side of their home shows Jack in front of the house when a white SUV drives up to the home.

Moments later, someone gets out of the car, picks up Jack and drives off.

"I tell my daughter 'hey check the puppies' so she goes out, and that's when we realized Jack was gone," said Drieselman.

Drieselman said they left no stone unturned, offering a $300 reward, and made a video of Saylor asking for Jack to come home.

"Please help me bring Jack-Jack home," said Saylor Drieselman in the video.

"We were searching like crazy. We actually dropped flyers off at the vet offices and the pound and the shelters, we shared the video hoping someone would recognize the car," said Erica Drieselman.

And someone did, after getting a mysterious call, they got a phone number, which led them to a series of text messages with someone using a messaging app to hide their identity.

"They said 'is there a reward?' I said yes. They said 'how much?' I said 'do you have my dog?' He kind of laughed and said he was holding it for ransom," said Drieselman.

Drieselman offered to give him $300 since that's the reward she was offering anyway, and the man agreed.

"They rolled the window down, handed me Jack and I just handed them the money. I was just crying. I was just glad to have him back," said Drieselman.

The Drieselman family won't press charges against the man who gave the dog back.