Denison firefighters learn new life-saving skills

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DENISON, Texas - The Denison Fire Department is conducting high-angle rope rescue training this week from a 32 foot tower.

Trainer and former Fort Worth firefighter Jeff Clifton said this teaches Denison firefighters how to lower someone from a high place and how to raise someone up from below ground.

"It's almost like a zipline," said Clifton.

In the Texoma region, areas where this may come into place are a water tower, cell phone or radio towers and storm drains.

"First time I've got to do anything kind of training like this," said Firefighter Paramedic Billy Mullens. "It's neat to come out here and learn new skills."

Clifton said most firefighters will only have one or two scenarios like this a year, but that these skills are just as important as the skills they use in their every day routine calls.

"This training is critical. We're called upon to do everything, and we have to be experts at everything, " said Clifton. "That's really, really tough."

The firefighters have already completed the online portion of the course and Wednesday began the hands-on portion, for a total of 32 hours to be completed by the end of the week.

Their last day of training is Friday.

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