Denison gets $200 thousand grant to update Waterloo Lake Park

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- The City of Denison is adding $300 thousand of trail improvements to one of their main attractions, Waterloo Lake Park.

The majority of the money comes from a federal grant that just got officially approved.

"I think any improvements they make to this park is just helping out the community in the long run," said Rocky Miller.

Miller has been coming to Waterloo Lake Park for 12 years.

He was there with a Cub Scout troop that Brayden Quarles is a part of.

"The park where you can play right there and there's also the walkway you can walk around. It's really fun," said Quarles.

Quarles said he's made the trek around the trail many times.

"You can see the lake around it and me and my brother like to throw rocks inside the lake," Quarles said.

"Any grant they can do for something, especially a community space like this. I think it's wonderful," Miller said.

The state of Texas is putting in $200 thousand and citizens are paying another $100 grand through the optional fee on their utility bill.

For regular hikers like Miller and Quarles, they're ready for a new adventure.

"I think they could come out here and do some work on the trails, I think would go a long way. And they can always put more fish in the lake, I don't think anybody would be upset about that," Miller said.

City Council approved the money to fix eroding trails, along with a half mile 12-foot-wide concrete trail for universal accessibility for wheelchairs, pedestrians and bikes.

Other additions will be new foot bridges and parking lot improvements.

"I think it'd be good just to kind of update the park, make them better, bring in new attractions, bring in more people into Denison," parkgoer Joshua Nelson said.

They're required to finish within three years, but expect to complete renovations before then.