Denison kids enjoying spring break at "Touch a Truck"

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- Over 200 kids spent their Thursday morning at Texoma Health Foundation Park in Denison in the drivers seat of some tractors, police cars, and trash trucks. Some of the kids say they learned a lot from the people who use these on a daily basis.

Seven vehicles from Denison fire, public works, rescue, and police department were on display, including one of the city's new automated trash trucks, which was one of the favorites.

"I really liked the tractor and the garbage truck," said five-year-old Belle Krohn.

City of Denison Director of Community Engagement Sunny Mackey says the city planned "Touch a Truck" during spring break to get as many kids as possible to come.

"We're excited they bared the wind with us and they really enjoyed climbing and touching the equipment and talking with our team members, so we're excited to showcase that," said Mackey.

Five-year-old Ian Gibson says he learned a valuable lesson.

"The policeman protect us. The policeman told me to get away from bad guys," said Gibson.

For 11-year-old Jaxon Pullin, it was a chance to learn more about a potential career down the road.

"They were telling me some of the stuff they do like some of the deeper stuff that most people don't really know about that they do like paper work and stuff like that," said Pullin.

A job Pullin thinks is worth pursuing, paperwork and all.

"I do think its important because if you're a police, then you want to help people in the community stay safe," said Pullin.