Denison kombucha shop selling out of popular elderberry products

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A Denison kombucha shop can't keep a certain recipe on their shelves, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Todd Brazier owns Booth's Brews.

Most known for their non-alcoholic ginger beers and kombucha, sold at their storefront in Denison, and online throughout Texoma.

The company's newest addition: elderberry.

"Elderberry gummies, syrups and concentrates," Brazier said.

Brazier said the products have been very successful.

He said Booth's Brews started selling elderberry products about four years ago, in response to a massive flu season that year.

"Elderberry became as big, or bigger part of our business as anything else that we do," said Brazier.

He said the company can barely keep them on shelves or stocked online.

But why are people so interested in elderberry?

"So there are peer-reviewed studies through the national institute of health, specifically on the benefits of elderberry as an amino stimulant, it's ability to especially be effective against cold and flu," Brazier said.

According to WebMD, Elderberry is listed as a berry that quote: "might affect the immune system."
The site says there is no good scientific evidence to support it.

With the Federal Food and Drug administration weighing in, Brazier said he isn't claiming that his product will prevent anyone from catching the flu, cold, or coronavirus.

"You know, talking about coronavirus and things like that, we'd never say this is going to be something that could cure anything like that, but at this time, needing things to boost immune functions, has been proven to be beneficial." Brazier said.

Booth's Brews will remain open selling curbside for now, until they are told otherwise.

Brazier says even if the city does require them to close, he says they will continue to deliver products all throughout Texoma.