Denison man robbed at gunpoint over metal detector, shovel

Published: Mar. 9, 2018 at 10:13 PM CST
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A thief gets away with a shovel and metal detector after robbing a Denison man at gunpoint.

Ryan Crowley from Denison has been metal detecting and collecting silver as a hobby for several years now.

Thursday, he expected it to be a typical day out metal detecting, but he says things quickly went south.

"I was out metal detecting, doing my thing, finding all this silver and stuff when a dude came up and robbed me at gun point man."

Crowley says he was caught off guard when a man he had never seen before approached him Thursday evening near Perry Avenue and Elm Street in Denison.

"He kept asking where's the coins, where's the coins. Usually I have a gun on me but not when I metal detect."

Crowley describes the suspect as an African American man, about 6'1" tall, driving a white sedan.

And says he was only after two things: his metal detector and his shovel.

"Shook me down, grabbed my metal detector and said, 'I'm taking this, I'm taking this.' And I said, 'You aren't taking my metal detctor.' That's when he come out at me with a gun."

He believes the suspect was carrying a .44 Magnum or .45 Colt.

"I was scared. I started crawdadding you know what I mean. Woah, woah, woah. But I am glad he didn't shoot me."

Crowley says he has message for the man who took his stuff.

"He better hope the law gets him before we do. We ain't got no high points. We have 30 round Mags taped together. We're rolling around with them."

Although he is shaken up, he says he's thankful the thief didn't get away with his collection.

"I had a pocket full of silver you know? If he had taken my wallet full of money and silver bars and stuff... I'm loaded with silver. I got Spanish treasure in my pocket."

Police don't have any suspects and no arrests have been made.