Denison man sentenced to 14 years for shooting wife

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Samuel Towne pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Towne shot his wife in the hip at their home on Gun Club Road last year.

The offense report states the couple was supposed to celebrate her birthday at a local bar, but instead, they ended up celebrating separately and *that upset Towne.

"He had locked her out of the house. She goes to the window to get in that way and he put a gun through the window and shoots her in the hip."

According to Grayson County Assistant District Attorney, Britton Brooks, Towne admitted he and his wife had been arguing via text messages all night.

The deputy's report states Towne had warned his wife not to come home because if she did, he would shoot her.

"He was planning to shoot her when she got home. He was sitting there with his shotgun."

In this 9-1-1 call, you hear Towne admit to shooting his wife, but Brooks says he showed no signs of remorse.

"Operator: You don't know the person?
Towne: Yes it was my wife.
Operator: It was your wife?
Towne: It was my wife trying to break in."

Towne told deputies his wife was breaking into their home, so he tried to scare her with this shotgun, pointing it through the window.

But he claimed she grabbed the barrel and that's when the gun went off.

"There are approximately 15 pellets that can not be removed. She'll have them for the rest of her life."

Despite the extensive injuries, she has since made a full recovery.

She and Towne has since gotten a divorce.

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