Denison mother suing Colo. police department over son's death

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) A Denison mother wants justice for her son who was killed by police in Colorado back in 2018.

Timmy Henley was 27 years old at the time when he was shot and killed by Westminster, Colorado police officers. Police reported that Henley charged at them with a knife over his head, but after reading the District Attorney's report, family says it was clear that Henley was unarmed at the time.

"Of course I didn't believe it. Who thinks they'd have a child killed by police?" said Sabrina Courtroul, mother of Henley. She is suing the city of Westminster, Colorado after police shot and killed her son.

Westminster police were called out twice on September 4th, 2018. When they got there the first time they found Timmy Henley standing on a truck, refusing to get down.

"You know I miss my brother so much, and I would do anything to get him back, but I can't there's no way you can bring him back," said Kasie Johnson, Henley's older sister.

Henley told police he was hallucinating from cocaine he had taken, that he believed was laced with something else. Reports say officers then talked Henley down and left, only to be called back to the same location 2 and a half hours later.

"They saw the door open and as they were walking up to it, that my son came out with a knife over his head," said Courtroul.

Officers shot Henley 11 times, but Courtroul says evidence and witnesses paint a different picture.

"A witness says Timmy walked out of an apartment building turned around, shut the door behind him. When officers and Timmy saw each other, the witness says they both looked surprised and officers just started shooting," she said.

Courtroul says the same officer handled both calls so he knew what state Henley was in when he returned.

"Knowing that he was in distress and talking to my son earlier that day, it still went straight to lethal force," said Courtroul.

While Courtroul would like the officers held responsible for their actions, her main goal with the lawsuit:

"I would like for the city of Westminster to get body cams and dash cams so that maybe this won't happen to another family, that it's more clear."

The police report states that Henley charged at officers holding a knife over his head outside an apartment, but the only knife found by investigators was inside the apartment. Their attorney says a lot could have been prevented if the city would have a body camera policy, but according to that attorney the department continues to resist putting one in place.