Denison police looking for daycare purse snatcher

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Police are investigating burglaries that happened in the same manner, on the same day at two different Denison daycares.

The thefts were just five minutes apart and within a mile of each other.

"It's just sad, targeting parents trying to drop off their kids at a daycare," Danna Humphrey said.

Danna Humphrey said she pulled into the HBLA Child Care Center off of Morton Street. She quickly went inside to drop her kid off, so she didn't lock her vehicle.

"Came back outside and I looked in my front seat and my purse was gone," Humphrey said.

Her purse, along with her phone, keys, wallet and iPad, just to name a few things, were all stolen.

While Humphrey tried to figure out what happened, the same thing occurred at the Kiddie Kampus daycare off of Crawford Street a mile down the road. Both burglaries happened in the same way with the same vehicle description, a white SUV similar to a Hyundai Santa Fe.

"It's just kind of heartbreaking and sad to know that's who they want to go for when they know they're in a rush to get to work or wherever they're going," Humphrey said. "They just want to target those parents."

Later Tuesday, the woman in the photo was caught using the victim's credit card at a Plano business.

"They did get photographs of the individual and the white SUV matching the earlier description," Denison Police Detective Tom Unerfusser said.

Police do not yet know if this woman actually stole the purses. What they do know is there's a lesson to be learned.

"Lock your vehicles and secure your stuff," Unerfusser said.

Humphrey agrees.

"I'll always lock it now, it's not a hassle anymore after I've had everything stolen from me," Humphrey said.