Denison police post Facebook warnings for homeowners allowing criminal activities

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- "As far as cracking down on houses down here they're known to be criminal activity, then I think that's good," says Denison resident Jason Hanson.

Hanson held his two year-old daughter a little tighter in his arms after finding out he lives a short distance away from a home the Denison Police Chief says has a rich history of criminal activity.

"There's a lot of criminals out here so the more the police department does the better," says Hanson.

One of those homes is off Dubois and Scullin and the other home off Sears and Armstrong. Authorities have been called to that home 23 times since May last year, a number police say is too high for one house.

"There's been some medical calls but there's also been several calls for police like drugs and shootings and a variety of things," says Denison Police spokesperson Lt. Mike Eppler.

On Friday, Denison Police posted specific homes on Facebook saying the property owners need to kick out the suspected criminals. If they don't, police will take action in accordance with the state's Nuisance Abatement law.

"Then we go to the owner of the property and get a letter stating their property could be seized if they don't resolve the problem," says Lt. Eppler. "And we also want property owners to know this is for real, this is serious. We're not trying to punish the property owners but we want compliance with the law."

So far it's been all quiet for the homes off Sears and Dubois.

"I always appreciate law enforcement because there's always bad in the world," says Hanson.

Those two homes won't be the last to see those warning letters. Police say they might send more to a few other homes in Denison they're looking into.

Police say if you see something, say something.

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