Denison school bond set to be on November ballot

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Mayes and Hyde Park Elementary Schools are looking at possible expansion, as a school bond over $20 million will be on the ballot in November that is aimed at helping these schools that are at capacity.

Robert Dickson lives in Denison, and has mixed feelings about the school bond issue.

"No one wants to pay more taxes but I've talked to people who understand the problem who are in education, they see the need. Those who are not quite so familiar with it may not understand the need," said Dickson.

The proposed bond would increase taxes by one point nine cents per $100 your property is worth.

Denison ISD superintendent Dr. Henry Scott acknowledges there may be other ways to fix the overcrowding problem, but the school board thinks a bond is a better, more efficient option than shuffling the entire district.

"There's 340 or so fourth graders, there's just not space to do that. That wasn't brought up because its not practical. If space were available, sure, that would have been looked at by the committee," said Dr. Scott.

If the bond passes, Mayes and Hyde Park will add on new cafeterias, additional classrooms, and parking.

"For us to embrace the growth that's here and that's coming, its a decision we're going to have to make. I know there are some elementary schools that are in dire need of help," said Dickson.

Denison ISD will hold public meetings in the coming months for anybody to come to, that may have questions about the upcoming bond.