Denison school hosting book drive for Harvey victims

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Students apart of the Gifted and Talented program at B. McDaniel Intermediate in Denison have been collecting books to help a school affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"I personally have about a thousand books in my library for my students to check out," teacher Threasa Hallford said. "Actually, our school was flooded a few years ago just a little and didn't affect the classrooms, but I thought, 'I would be devastated if I walked in and all those books were ruined.'"

That inspired Hallford to call Scholastic Books to see how she can help and it started the school's book drive.

Since October 3rd, they have collected about 100 books and 600 dollars from local businesses and individuals in the community.

Students involved say they know the impact a book can make on a kid's day and have even created t-shirts for the drive

"We've been doing all we can to get money for them to build a new library and schools and get the materials they need," GT students said.

"It just feels really good to know that I'm doing something to help them rebuild their library and to help them have books to read."

"Everybody needs reading education and if you don't have books, you can't get educated by reading."

And Sarah Heflin knows the power that books can have to help students escape from the devastation they've seen.

"It's so awesome to know that our students are helping other students and we've also talked to our students about sometimes books are so wonderful because it's an escape from your everyday life and we imagine that if we were in a school that had been destroyed, sometimes you really need an escape," teacher Sarah Heflin said. "That's really powerful we think."

If you are interesting in donating books or money, you can go to The Book Rack located in downtown Denison on Main Street.