Denison softball player laid to rest on Thursday

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Hundreds of people gathered at the service of Presley Mitchell, who passed away on Saturday after collapsing at a softball game.

Close family and friends described Presley Mitchell as fun-loving, a leader and someone anyone could go to if they needed anything.

"She was funny as all get out. If it wasn't the goofy stuff she and her friends did, it was her looks that said it all," said Cherish Paddock, a family friend.

"And a light in dark times. There is no one in this world Presley would not befriend," said Presley's aunt Lori Skipper.

Presley loved softball and was known for her dedication to her teammates.

"She was so committed to them and the game, that even when she broke her finger this past season, she was still at every practice, every game, and every tournament for both her Attitude team and her Rec team," said Paddock.

After Presley passed away Saturday, her friends wanted to honor her by wearing jerseys to school.

This gesture caught on across social media, and people from as far away as Canada showed their support by donning jerseys for Presley.

Fundraisers were set up for Presley's family and ended up raising over $33,000 and counting.

Above all else, Presley's family wants everyone to remember her for always bringing a smile to everyone's faces.

"She was the best big sister to Paxton," said Skipper.

"May you rest in peace, sweet, sweet pea," said Paddock.