Denison teacher dies after she was hit by a truck in her neighborhood

Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 1:20 PM CDT
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Katie Palmer, a Scott Middle School science teacher, has passed away after being hit by a truck Tuesday morning.

Rayce Guess was Katie Palmer's history teacher at Denison High School.

He said she excelled in just about everything.

"I was blessed to have Katie in my history class. Great student, she ended up winning the history award in my class, so not only was she an outstanding athlete, but she was outstanding in academics," said Guess.

When she was hired to be a science teacher at Scott Middle School, Guess says he'd still check up on her.

To no one's surprise, Guess said she excelled at that too.

"Everything she did, she brought a passion and energy to, and everybody loved her," said Guess.

DPS said Tuesday morning, Katie and her husband John were walking in their neighborhood on Glenwood Drive north of Denison, when they were hit by a pickup truck.

John Plamer was taken to a local hospital, and troopers say he is expected to survive.

Katie was flown to a Plano hospital, and passed away just before 1 o'clock Wednesday morning.

"A young person that made such an impact on so many people, and would have continued to do so," said Guess.

Guess said there are several things he wants Mrs. Palmer to be remembered for.

"A mom, a coach, a teacher, community leader. Everybody that she came in touch with she made a huge impact on their life. Just extremely, extremely sad," said Guess.

DPS said the driver of the truck is facing charges, and the crash is under investigation.