Denison teachers giving supplies back to students

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Denison teachers are gearing up to teach online, but in the meantime they had to give back some students belongings.

"Its hard. We miss them," said Hyde Park Elementary second-grade teacher Tricia Hyatt.

"Gosh, we miss the kids so much," said Hyde Park Principal Kerry Kaai.

Parents of Hyde Park students have been filing in one at a time to pick up all the school supplies their children may have left behind, before they went on this ... extended spring break.

"All of these things are things that students will need so they will continue instruction while we are out of school," said Kaai.

Things such as school supplies, textbooks, and medicine that they may have left behind.

"We just made sure that each of these bags have the supplies in them the students will need to finish the instruction at home," said Kaai.

Hyatt said moving classes online will need to take some getting used to.

"Actually tried to think of it as what I would be doing with my kids if they were with me in class, and just teach that lesson that same way," said Hyatt.

One of those lessons is something she looks forward to every spring.

"We have caterpillars every year, and they turn into butterflies. So they (caterpillars) came in while we were on spring break, so I started documenting, so I have continued to do that," said Hyatt.

If you are a parent of a student at a Denison ISD elementary school and have not picked up your child's school supplies, they invite you to swing by some time this week.