Denison victim of online scam paid hundreds for puppy he never got

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- A Denison man says he paid for a puppy online to surprise his fiancee, but never got it.

"It was supposed to be a surprise," Thomas Bradshaw saizd.

Bradshaw thought he was buying this 10 week old English bull dog for his fiancée.

"His name is Marco, brown and white," said Bradshaw.

But he claims Marco was never delivered

The puppy was listed on

Bradshaw had looked around at other websites and thought this one seemed to be the most credible.

"It was all nice, fancy," said Bradshaw. "It was real nice man and it looked like a legitimate website."

He says the seller asked him to send $600 through Western Union, so he did.

When he asked about how they would get the puppy, the sellers said the price included the dog's airfare from Virginia to Texas.

"They said it would cost 50 dollars extra to ship him straight to the house but we were going to go pick him up in Dallas."

He says then things quickly went south, when the sellers asked for $1,000 more.

When Bradshaw refused, the communication stopped.

So after three weeks of not hearing back from the sellers, Bradshaw decided to file a police report.

We tried to contact the company that runs the website, but have not heard back.

Marco is still listed as available for purchase.

"It hurts, because that's hard earned money," said Bradshaw. "That's like almost half my check."

Police say if you're buying a pet, make sure you physically see the animal before you pay for it.

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