Deputies say man set ex-girlfriend's house on fire, streams it on Facebook live

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CARTWRIGHT, Okla. (KXII) -- "Heard yelling and screaming so I walked outside and apparently there had been a fire started by an ex boyfriend or something like that," says neighbor Summer Bobrick.

Around 8:15 Saturday night, Cartwright resident Bobrick says she saw dozens of firemen and Bryan County deputies right outside her home just north of highway 91 on the north side of town.

"Just walked out a little bit and the house was completely engulfed in flames," recalls Bobrick.

Deputies say Julio Villalpando started the fire.

"Threatened to kill himself and her and the kids and was holding a knife to his head/neck area," says Bryan County Chief Deputy Steve Nabors.

Chief Deputy Nabors tells us Villalpando locked himself in the bedroom, started a fire and streamed it on Facebook Live.

All that, while his ex-girlfriend and their kids were in the next room.
They got out safely, but Villalpando was knocked unconscious from smoke inhalation. That's when deputies say his ex-girlfriend came to the rescue.

"The information we received, dragged him out of the house and out of harms way and into safety," says Chief Deputy Nabors.

Deputies say the fire was put out in minutes and no one was hurt.
Villalpando was treated for smoke inhalation and charged with first degree arson.

"Just felt bad there's some really messed up people out there," says Bobrick. "I'm just glad nobody really got hurt."

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