Deputy finds 130 pounds of weed on Fannin County traffic stop

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A Fannin County traffic stop ended in a deputy finding more than a hundred pounds of marijuana this morning.

Kandy Kush, Purple Pebbles and Lemon Skunk: That's just a sample of the types of weed Fannin County deputies found this morning after stopping a speeding car, a grand total of 130 pounds of the drug.

Around 2 a.m. Tuesday, a Fannin County deputy clocked a car speeding down Highway 82 near Savoy.

And pulled over the driver, 52-year-old Kraig Benson.

Fannin County Lt. Frank Deater said Benson was acting strangely.

"He showed signs of extreme anxiety, his hands were shaking when he handed over his driver's license. There was some signs as well profuse sweating signs the deputies are trained to look for deception."

The deputy brought in a K9 who sniffed out about 130 pounds of marijuana, along with THC oil and edibles in the Oregon man's car.

"They were able to search the vehicle, and found excessive amounts of a green leafy substance," Deater said. "Six big black duffel bags with quantities of processed marijuana."

Deater says it's their biggest bust in recent history on a traffic stop, a street value of about $175,000.

"We want to share with the public to let them know their deputies are out working hard 24 hours a day," Deater said.

It makes locals like Linda Gillard feel a little safer.

"It's wonderful. I hope they crack down a little harder, it's getting out of control," she said. "Keep up the hard good work and stay on it."

According to Durant medical marijuana dispensary The Remedy, if the weed were sold by the gram, the total value would be about $450,000.

Benson was booked into the Fannin County jail for possession of marijuana between 50 and 2000 pounds, and possession of a controlled substance between 4 and 400 grams.

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