Design plan updates for new Sherman High School

Published: Jun. 18, 2018 at 10:57 PM CDT
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"It's a beautiful, beautiful place of learning where students are going to have an experience and be able to tell stories. Rather than just come to school, learn a thing and leave," said Sherman High school theater teacher Derek George.

In November, Sherman residents approved a 176-million dollar bond, almost 90 percent of which will fund construction of the high school.

In January, the Sherman ISD Citizens Advisory Committee picked a design concept.

"This design process has been ongoing for a long time, with a number of people from the community being involved and that's always a great thing," said Board of Trustees president Tim Millerick.

The committee revealed the designs in April, and this December-- the 3D images will come to life.

But first, there are a few changes including the exterior of the building and plans for paving the walkways.

"I think that the front of the building came into question, how we want to present ourselves," said Millerick.

"The design will still be tweaked along the way, but we're coming near the end of it to where what we see is what we can expect to start coming up out of the ground in January of next year," said assistant superintendent Tyson Bennett.

So far, they said feedback is positive, including the board, who said the new look is timeless.

"This is a huge project and it's something that our communities going to be proud of. We've talked all along how it takes about a year to design a facility this large, and it takes about two years to build that," said Bennett.

The next step is to move dirt on the new school grounds, which will happen in July.

They'll wait to hold the official groundbreaking ceremony until September, when board members said designs and final costs will be finalized.

"The community is excited about what they're seeing, and it's a great day to be in Sherman," said Bennett.

"I think it's an incredible opportunity for our students. They're dreaming big and that's great when you can dream big, and when you have a community who can support that dream," said George.