Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead is celebrated in Denison

DENISON, TX. (KXII)-- Dia de los Muertos officially ended Friday but that didn't stop crowds in Denison from celebrating the Day of the Dead for one more day.

Maggie Wolters said, "Dia de los Muertos is a chance for us to remember them, to have an altar, to have a connection with the people who have already gone beyond".

The celebration which originated from Mexico and other Central American countries has one goal. Not to mourn those who passed away...instead to celebrate their lives.

Jocelin Flores is a Sherman resident and of Mexican heritage, she said, "celebrate the people who passed away, remember how they were, have the presence and know that they're still here with us".

Saturday's event was organized by Denison's Arts Council.

It was an opportunity to dive in into a different culture.

Jenny Wells enjoyed the diversity, she said, "we didn't have anything like this when I grew up here, so we saw that this was going on, its just a beautiful cultural experience and I wanted to make sure my daughters had the opportunity to see it".

Alberto Giliberti used to live in northeastern United States he says he has never seen a celebration like this before.

"In South Jersey none, also in north jersey there was very very little if anything, and up in Manhattan yeah but no too much like this".

According to tradition the souls of deceased children come down from heaven to reunite with their families on November 1st.

The next day the souls of deceased adults come visit.

"We're celebrating the life, the life, not necessarily death, but its a remembrance that we do with a lot of love and kindness".