Dickson family loses everything in fire, community helps through donations

DICKSON, Okla. (KXII) Dickson resident Robert Stidham was in Ardmore Monday night when he got a phone call he never wanted to receive.

The call came from Ardmore dispatch saying his house was on fire.

The fire happened around 8:45 p.m. near the intersection of Highway 70 and Dickson Rd., east of Ardmore.

"By the time they told me that, I was already in my car going down the road, speeding," Stidham said. "(I was) trying to get here as fast possible. As I came over the hill...all I could see was flames and my heart sank."

Stidham's wife and three youngest sons, ages six, four and two, escaped the burning house unharmed, but lost nearly all of their belongings, including Christmas gifts.

Stidham said, despite the loss, he is thankful his family made it out safely.

"I mean everything here can be replaced," Stidham said. "My family can't."

Dickson fire officials said the cause is still under investigation.

Stidham said he is grateful for his family and friends helping out in a time of need.

Community members have also donated clothes and shoes to help out the Stidham family.

Other family members are raising money online through a Go Fund Me account.

"I just appreciate everything, me and my family do, that everybody's done for us," Stidham said. "It makes my heart warm that people would show this much compassion about somebody that they don't know."

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