Disabled Sherman man surprised with new truck

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- For more than three years, equipment trainer Doug Grant has made the players for the little league Bearcat football team his top priority.

"He shows up to every practice, every game," said Kathi Dick, a football mom. "He makes sure he takes kids to and from games and practices that don't have a ride, whether he's really feeling good or not."

Disabled from a mobile home falling on him back in 1998 and driving a truck that was falling apart, parents got together to see what they could do for the person they say does so much for them.

"Transmission's messed up, the brakes are going out," said Grant. "I had to climb from the passenger side to the driver's side to get in."

"He probably shouldn't have been driving it," said Dick.

Within a week after posting on Facebook, Dick said she had two anonymous donors reach out and split the cost of a Ford F-150 truck for Grant.

They presented it to him after their Superbowl game against Propser at Bearcat Stadium on Saturday.

"It was amazing. I have never in my life had something like this ever happen to me," said Grant. "I'm very grateful and I appreciate everything that these parents on this team did for me."

"Just solidifies that we're one big family and that everyone has love for him and what he does for our boys," said Dick. "What he's done for us is nothing compared to this."

Parents say Grant acts as a role model for all of the football kids, while raising two grandsons as his own.

"He has custody of them because their mom and grandmother weren't able to take care of them," said Dick.

"I didn't do what I did the last three or four years for this. I do it for these boys right here," said Grant, hugging his grandsons.

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