Dispatchers train to deploy for disasters

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Sherman police department hosted a class that teaches dispatchers how to work in other call centers, wherever the catastrophe strikes.

"When you are dealing with an emergency that is that massive, you need more people to help answer the calls," Sherman PD's communication director Tracy Stenger said.

Stenger says the training was helpful because no call centers are the same.

For example, codes for specific emergencies can vary by state or city.

Our local dispatchers say they are ready to help out anyone in need, wherever they are needed.

"We are getting trained to dispatch for other communication centers in the event of a disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey." Sherman dispatcher Lisa Williams said. "We could be deployed to help their dispatch, relieve their dispatch."

The class was put on by Texas Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce.

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