Documentary featuring Sherman motivational speaker to premiere Sunday

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- "I have so many fond memories before my injury."

These halls are a bittersweet reminder of Trenell Walker's past.

"But then again, I have those, the depressed memories of when I came back my senior year and not being able to walk the halls but having to roll," said Walker.

23 years ago, Walker was a freshman, playing on the varsity Bearcat football team.

An accidental hit from a teammate shattered the fourth vertebrae in his neck, paralyzing him for the rest of his life.

It's a setback he has turned into motivation, graduating high school, college, even his masters degree.

He now shares his story with others through public speaking and counseling.

"Humbling, grateful, I'm hoping that I don't get too emotional," said Walker.

His story is now immortalized in a documentary created by Andy Costa films and premiering this weekend for free in the Sherman High School auditorium.

"It's, it has been inside of me for a while," said Walker.

He says the film is a thank you to his family who encouraged him to persevere and the people of Sherman, who raised money and supported him when he needed it most.

"The support and encouragement that they've given me, again for a long time, has helped me go from my tragedy to triumph," said Walker.

Walker hopes his story will inspire others who are struggling to persevere and turn to faith and family in times of trouble like he did.

"Wow, the same place where tragedy happened, now I am triumphant. It feels good to be able to say if I can do it, you can do it," said Walker.