Dog found hanging from fence at Ardmore home

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- A family driving from a parent teacher conference Tuesday evening came home to find their dog tied up, hanging from their fence.

"You hurt my daughter, you hurt my wife, you hurt my family," owner Jonathan Willis said.

Jonathan Willis and his wife Allegra say they noticed their dog wasn't barking when they came home.

Their 8-year-old daughter opened the blinds to their backyard and saw their 2 year old dog, Dollar Bill, a pit bull /lab mix, hanging from the fence.

"He was on the fence like, like trying to push himself," Allegra said. "My husband had to prey his mouth open because was trying to gnaw through the fence to get himself off."

The Willis' say they are convinced Dollar Bill was hanged on purpose because the chain was tangled around a tree and hooked on the outside of the fence.

Neighbors say people have recently been taking dogs off of chains in the neighborhood and setting them loose.

"I live right down the road and I've never seen the dog before so it's obviously not running around the neighborhood or causing any problems," Allison Walker said. "It's something that someone did just to be mean."

The couple says they filed a report to Ardmore Police and they had a message to whoever did this to Dollar Bill.

"I rather you would have messed with my car, or my truck, not a dog, an innocent animal." Jonathan said. "Whoever has done this, they need help, this was sick."

If you happen to have seen anything suspicious on Locust Street Tuesday evening or know of any information, give Ardmore Police a call.

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