Dog abused with duct tape needs a home

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- A woman said she found a dog with duct tape around her mouth and legs in Southeast Sherman Wednesday night.

Denise Stokes had been feeding what appeared to be a stray, but friendly dog along J.P. Cave Road for several weeks.

When she went back to check on the dog Wednesday night, she says someone duct taped her mouth and feet.

"I can't imagine somebody being that inhumane to leave her taped up in a field to die or be attacked," Stokes said.

Stokes freed the pup and took her home.

"My immediate concern was for her," Stokes said. "It was so sad to see her like that."

She filed a report with the sheriff's office who is looking into the case but so far there are no suspects.

Stokes says she can't let the dog inside her home because of her two other dogs so she sleeps wrapped in blankets and in a horse trailer to block the wind.

"She wants to be in your lap," Stokes said. "She wants to be pet. She is not food aggressive. Last night I put a shirt on her to keep her extra warm."

Stokes says her focus now is finding the sweet girl a forever home.

"She has to go to a good home," Stokes said. "She is that sweet. I wish I could keep her. It makes me sad that I can't."

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