Dogs attacking, terrorizing cattle in Fannin County

FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII)-- In the past month, there have been at least two incidents of dogs attacking cattle in Fannin County.

A few days ago on County Road 4330, a property owner shot a dog that he says went after a young calf, and killed it.

Tuesday, a woman contacted us to say the same thing happened to her heifer two weeks ago in Trenton.

Nearby residents say it's disconcerting.

Nathan Prater lives nearby, he said, "That's something that we wouldn't want to happen to anybody."

Prater says he heard about the incident in Trenton and says he's heard dogs barking at night.

The woman who's heifer was attacked didn't want to speak on camera but tells us when her husband heard the heifer screaming and saw what was happening. He pulled out his gun and shot into the air, scaring away four of the dogs.

"It actually made us feel worried," said Prater.

Now Prater says he is concerned for his own cattle.

The four dogs involved in the attack in Trenton were never found and it was not reported to the Fannin County Sheriff's Office.

"Well just always be cautious with your animals and you know keep an eye on them."