Dogs shot to death, dropped off on side of Marshall County road

Published: Jan. 9, 2018 at 6:27 PM CST
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A man working on Heck Road early Tuesday morning says he found the dogs dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

"It made me mad when I seen them dogs laying down there," Jessie Briscoe said.

Jessie Briscoe was grading the gravel road for the county, about a half mile off of Highway 377, when he saw the dogs.

Two German Shepherds and one Pit Bull mix.

"I looked over in the culvert and I seen two dogs," Briscoe said. "I didn't see the third one, it was kind of back under the (culvert)."

A deputy believes the two German Shepherds died from a gunshot to the head.

The Pit Bull was too decomposed to tell how it died.

"The dogs didn't look like they were malnourished or mistreated they looked fairly healthy at one point," Sheriff Danny Cryer said.

Sheriff Cryer says they have to rely on the public's help.

"The commissioners were in the process of grading a gravel road so any forensic evidence that may have been left behind is now gone," Sheriff Cryer said.

Sheriff Cryer says they believe the German Shepherds were dropped off within the past day and the Pit Bull within the last week.

"They may be just dogs but they got feelings, they got a heart, they are smart," Briscoe said. "Some dogs are smarter than some people."

Sheriff Cryer wants people to know to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity you see.

If you have any information about the dogs found, give their office a call.