Dogs will soon be ready for adoption after being seized from owner

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WHITESBORO, Tex. (KXII)-- Last Sunday, 18 dogs were taken from a Cooke County home, with their future undetermined.

That is until Tommie Kirksmith of Red River SPCA stepped in.

Kirksmith founded the SPCA back in the late 1980's, next to her home.

"Animals were my best friends when I was a child, I didn't have no playmates."

She says that Cooke County Sheriff's Office dispatch contacted her knowing the dogs would be in good hands.

When she heard what was going on, she was ready to make a move.

"Packed all the cages we could squeeze into the van and drove to the location."

All the dogs were living in poor conditions, but most were found to be healthy considering their surroundings.

"There were two exceptions, the dogs that were evidently at the bottom of the food chain", said Kirksmith.

Those dogs are now getting their meals and recovering.

Kirksmith says that all the dogs will be spayed and neutered this Saturday, expecting to cost several hundred dollars.

As soon as they are fixed, most will be ready for adoption that same day.

"They'll be a little groggy but they're ready for the homes that I approve."

The rescue is run solely by donations and volunteers, and now Kirksmith needs foster homes more than ever.

She says that even though the dogs were neglected, there were no signs of cruelty so she didn't press charges.

Kirksmith said, "Most of the times I do, in this case I did not."

If you are interested in adopting any of the 18 dogs, can provide a foster home, or want to volunteer, you can get in touch with Tommie Kirksmith by emailing her at