Drag queen show coming to downtown Denison

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- The downtown Denison historic theater the Rialto will host a drag queen performance called "My Oh My The Show," which is scheduled to open Jan. 20.

"I don't agree with that," said Denison local Ray Hunt.

"I'd have to say let them do it," said another Denison local Bobbie Osterkamp.

Different opinions from Denison locals about the upcoming show called, "My Oh My The Show".

The show's producers said it will feature drag queens, which is when men dress up like women and perform songs by popular artists.

"You'll see Tina Turner, Whitney Houston and Cher, those performers, it's a blast," said the show's producer Robert Burke.

"Watching the guys dress up as girls, it's funny," said Osterkamp.

"It's very odd, oddball stuff," Hunt said.

Producer Robert Burke said many people, like Hunt, may have hesitations about the show, but he considers it to be PG-13 and entertaining.

"It can be rowdy to be quite honest," said Burke. "But that's what those kind of shows are known for."

Over the past two years, the show has been performed in major cities like Dallas, Houston and Austin.

"You gotta come experience it," said Burke. "It is fun,it is PG-13 and it's extremely entertaining."

However, one resident claims in an email to Mayor Jared Johnson, copied to News12, that this show could violate Chapter 29 of the city ordinance, titled Sexually Oriented Businesses. That states it's purpose is: "to regulate sexually oriented businesses to promote the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the citizens of the city".

City Manager Jud Rex said the show does not violate any ordinance.

As for the Rialto, staff provided this statement: "As a theater we are committed to artistic endeavors and expression, as a community theater we are invested in the community and its freedom for expression, for all of its members. We appreciate the spotlight being shined on us for a change and are looking forward to working with the MyohMy show and Bryce's House Charity. The Rialto has, and will continue, to uphold the spirit and tradition of art and theater; The show must go on! We hope to see you there."

All of the profits from the show will go towards a Fort Worth-based nonprofit called Bryce's House, which provides clothes and furniture for people in need. Burke founded the non-profit in honor of his son Bryce who died a year and a half ago from a genetic disorder.

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