Okla. man shares story of damage done by drinking and driving on New Years Eve

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- "I hurt someone up for life," Pete Flores said, "I messed someone up."

About 20 years ago, Pete Flores says he and his friends were having a party to celebrate New Years Eve.

"Drank out there, knowing that we weren't supposed to but we still did," Flores said, "Just having fun and being youngsters, you know, doing what we do."

Flores said he knew he had too much to drink, but still got behind the wheel with a friend in the passenger seat.

Traveling at 65 miles per hour on a gravel road, Flores says he over corrected and landed in the ditch, sending both him and his friend to the hospital.

"I could hear her through the pain that she was going through and having to reset things and you know, pins and it was just a bad ordeal all around," Flores said.

Flores says his friend had to have several procedures done on the right side of her body to repair the injuries.

The accident left her with a limp.

"When I see her every now and then, it's just like, 'I did that,' " Flores said, "That was my fault, that was me, alcohol did that," Flores said.

Flores says it's a horrible memory he will never forget and wants others to learn from.

"Whether you think one of two drinks hey that ain't going to hurt me, that could hurt you or it could hurt someone else," Flores said.

That's why companies like Triple A's Tipsy Tow are offering people a ride home News Year Eve night free of charge.

"Thirty-five percent of all accidents generally involve someone who is under influence of alcohol and during the holidays of course that numbers rises dramatically," Owner and Agent April Owens said.

Law enforcement will also be out this weekend looking for drunk drivers.

"We don't want you to start your new year in an accident or with a DUI or a DWI," Sheriff Chris Bryant said, "Help us help you."

"There are innocent people out there that you know, they want another day with their family," Flores said.

The number for Tipsy Tow is 1-800-AAA-HELP.

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