Dropping temperatures cause pipes to freeze in Texoma

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Recent drops in the temperature have frozen pipes in homes across Texoma.

Brian Howell says his pipes have been frozen since Sunday.

"I had one faucet that actually was giving hot and cold water so I had to fill up a bucket and pour it on my head," Howell said.

Howell says he and his wife checked into a local motel Tuesday morning as they wait for the pipes to thaw.

"She's got to have her shower," Howell said.

C.K. Hendrix and Michelle Bryan were moving in when they noticed the pipes frozen and one was busted under their new mobile home.

"It actually froze over so bad that it caused a faucet on the kitchen sink to break off and now we can't use our kitchen sink," Hendrix said.

"As of right now the water is totally shut off so it's pretty bad," Bryan said.

Hunter SuperTechs Plumber Robert Rodgers says pipes tend to freeze when temperatures drop below freezing over a period of time.

This past weekend he says they got more than 30 calls about frozen pipes and pipes bursting.

"Usually if we do go into a cold spell of 24 hours or more, there is a greater chance of that happening," Rodgers said.

Rodgers says there are ways for folks to avoid bursting pipes - like taking off water hoses, opening cabinets to keep those pipes warm and...

"Leave the water dripping, open up both hot and cold side, allowing that water just to drip," Rodgers said, "Keep that water running through there."

Rodgers says if you find yourself dealing with a frozen pipe, the best thing to do is let it thaw out by getting radiant heat to it.

If it bursts, call a plumbing service because it may be a small fix or a costly one.

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