Drunk driving a danger during Thanksgiving travel

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MADILL, Okla. (KXII)-- Thanksgiving is the most traveled time of the year, but studies now show it is also a deadlier holiday than New Year's Eve when it comes to drinking-related crashes.

"There are many people this holiday season that will be suffering because of the loss of a loved one in the past." Madill Police spokesman Donny Raley said.

Raley says in 2016, one of three fatalities during Thanksgiving weekend involved a drunk driver.

"As a result of the increased traffic flow, and the increased amount of people on the roadway that have been drinking, then it is a dangerous time of the year." Raley said.

In fact, Raley says it has become even more dangerous than New Years Eve.

"People realize New Years weekend is a very busy weekend for drinking and driving, and a lot of people decide to stay home," Raley said. "Whereas a lot more families are on the roadway during the Thanksgiving holiday."

But holiday traveler Ali Hackshaw says he's caught on.

"I'm 50, and [my wife and I are] at a certain age," Hackshaw said. "So we're not planning to go out and fight with the young people that's out partying and doing their thing."

Other travelers like Gayla Norman are taking other precautions.

"We'll take the backways, these smaller towns, and try to avoid the I-40s and I-35s, with all the heavy traffic. So hopefully we'll be okay." Norman said.

Raley hopes this year, the statistics will be different.

"We hope you enjoy your time at Grandma's house, or your family's house. But if you do that, stay home," Raley said. "Don't get out on the road and behind the wheel, and endanger your life and the lives of others that are trying to have a happy holiday season."

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