Durant All Indian Rodeo welcomes six tribes from five different states

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) - People from six different tribes and five states traveled to Durant to be apart of Saturday’s 3rd annual All Indian Rodeo hosted by the Choctaw nation.

Two cowboys roped an animal on Saturday's All Indian Rodeo on Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019.

The rodeo is one of the last two opportunities for professional competitors to qualify for the Indian National Finals in Las Vegas.

Promoter and representative from the Choctaw Nation said this is a chance for people to come out and learn about Choctaw culture.

"It's actually really exciting, like I said it's a Native American rodeo, so we'll have Choctaw culture involved in that, so you'll learn a little about the language,” McDaniel said.

Saturday's rodeo performances include bull riding, team roping, steer wrestling and ladies barrel racing.

Doyle Bacon of the Choctaw nation and a seasoned rodeo competitor said events like these tie the community together.

"It brings family together, y'know. You got several people who can compete from my age down along with seniors and juniors," Bacon said.

Rodeo coach at Southeastern Oklahoma State University Christi Braudrick says her school partnered with the Choctaw Nation to provide all of the live stock.

"We have a calf scramble (wrestling) with tons of prizes and it's all free. We have a lady steer scramble that the crowd can participate in. It's a lot of fun to watch."

Organizers with the All Indian Rodeo in Durant said Sunday's qualifier is open to the public will be held at the Boswell Rodeo Association in Choctaw County.

This is the last chance for any pros looking to qualify for the Indian National Finals in Las Vegas in October.