Durant city council candidate arrested for child abuse

Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 5:44 PM CST
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A Durant police report states officers were called to Michael Ellis's home Monday night after an argument between family members turned physical.

The report says the teen boy told officers his father told him to leave the house and eventually forced him out.

He says he kicked the front door open and stepped back inside. He says that's when Ellis threw him to the ground, which chipped three of his teeth.

Ellis claims it was self defense.

"My son came at me, and for his protection I detained him to protect myself, him, and my family," said Ellis.

Police say Ellis choked the teen after throwing him to the ground. They say they noticed redness and scratch marks on the boys neck.

Ellis denies the claims.

"The scratches on the neck, he kicked in the door. So the only thing we can think is debris flew up, but I have so many witnesses in the house that I did not come close to his neck," said Ellis.

Ellis told police his son struck him in the face during the alleged struggle, but police say they could not find any injuries on Ellis.

He says he has no plans to drop out of the Durant city council race.

"People have reached out to me, with hey I have gone through this mental health as well in my household," said Ellis. "This is a situation where I can say I was innocent, this was a situation that was bound to probably happen because of mental health issues."

Ellis is campaigning for an At-Large position on the Durant City Council.

Ellis was the runner-up for Big Brother 5, which aired in 2004.