Durant officers pull over drivers for Christmas

Published: Dec. 21, 2016 at 6:19 PM CST
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Police were pulling over drivers all day in Durant with more than just a ticket in mind.

Officers on the morning and evening shifts made their usual rounds through Durant on Wednesday, with an unusual twist- holiday hams and toys for some of the people they pulled over.

"That's what it's about,” Officer Travis Dill said. “The entire season. It's about giving and to seek out the people who need this help."

News12 had the pleasure of riding along with Dill.

“A lot of times we only catch the negative side of things or the negative light,” Dill said. “It’s nice to do things that get a positive light.”

One of the places we stopped was 1423 Elm.

"When I pulled out from the Casino on the highway I seen black smoke and I knew it wasn't just a little fire,” Louella “Lou” Mincher said. “I knew my house was going to be gone."

Mincher's house was heavily damaged in a fire on Monday.

"When I walked in there and just looked around and I looked at the pictures and a lot of the pictures had burned up,” Mincher said. “And I guess it's just now settling in, you know."

Mincher tells us in the days after the fire the Choctaw Nation, Durant fire department, Durant Police Department, and the people of Durant have come together to help them have a great Christmas despite their loss.

The Christmas presents that were destroyed have been replaced and they've been put up in the Choctaw lodge, where they plan to set up a Christmas tree.

"Thank you,” Mincher said. “Y'all have no idea. How much everybody has been a help to us just thank you. I could never say thank you enough."

"It's good to know that someone who truly needs help is going to get help and we can do that,” Dill said.

Mincher's family isn't the only family getting help this holiday season.

Officers were keeping their eyes out for car seats and vehicles that had seen better days to gift people with food and presents just a few days before Christmas.

The Choctaw Nation and Families Feeding Families helped make Wednesday's "pull-over" gifts possible, which included 20 hams and bags of nuts, fruit and toys.