Durant shooting leads to an arrest, two people in the hospital

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)- Shots were fired in one half of a Durant duplex on Thursday night.

Police say a stray bullet went through the wall to the other half of the duplex, where it almost hit a mother feeding her baby.

Police say 42-year-old Kenneth Luscz was arguing with 35-year-old Benjamin Malik, with 32-year-old Krystal Weaver also in the room.

Luscz fired three shots in the home with a 9 millimeter pistol.

Buel Collins was in the duplex when Luscz opened fire.

"That's when he shot at her, and she jumped up and jumped over here by me and shot at her again. Then he pointed the gun at me and shot twice," said Collins.

Collins said he was looking down the barrel of the gun.

"I never even got shot. I don't know what went on, he shot over my head, but I was looking right at the gun and he was pointing it right at my head," said Collins.

Police say Malik was shot in the arm, while Weaver was hit with a glass mug in the face by Luscz.

Both were taken to local hospitals where they were treated and released for non-life threatening injuries.

One of the bullets from that pistol went through the wall and the other side of the duplex, lodging in the wall.

Police say Luscz has ties with the Latin Kings street gang in New York City.

"For someone that got shot at twice I'm feeling pretty good," said Collins.

Luscz is in the Bryan County jail, where he is booked in on shooting with intent to kill.