Durant’s Christmas card featuring six new 'fire station babies' goes national

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DURANT, Okla.- The Durant Fire Department is getting national attention for their Christmas card this year, which stars six new fire station babies.

33 firefighters are employed at the small paid department in Oklahoma.

“There’s lots of kids that have grown up through here but this particular year there was six born at one time so that was kind of neat,” firefighter Cliff Wilson said.

The photos were taken back in October and picture Owen, Augustus, Mitchell, Ava, Nash and Brevyn. All were born between February and June 2016.

Wilson is father to 8-month-old Gus.

“We’re enjoying it,” Wilson said. “We’re just proud to be a part of it.”

The story, written by Durant Firefighter and paramedic Richard Parker, has had more than 500 shares and thousands of likes on social media from all over the country since it was posted on Wednesday, and has received comments from Massachusetts to California.

“He (Parker) really took the ball and ran with this,” Wilson said. “He did all the photography work. Put it on Rescue1.com, wrote the story.”

Jay Lynn is the father of the group’s only daughter, 8-month old Ava. Lynn’s father (Ava’s grandfather) was a Durant firefighter for almost 35 years and just retired a couple of weeks ago.

“It’s kind of nice to know that she’s got five boys that are going to make sure and take care of her when she does date someday,” Lynn said.

And the moms love being a part of the group, too.

“It’s very exciting,” Brooke Brooks, mother to 5-month-old Brevyn, said. “It’s always fun whenever your kid has someone to grow up with and play with and learn from.”

“You know its hugs and hey how are you and if you ever need anything they’re there for you,” Shembra Wilson said.

“We have 33 families,” firefighter Brandon Brooks said. “So it’s a pretty amazing thing.”

The firefighters say leaving their new babies for one day every three days is rough, but they hope these cards help show everyone what is at the core of their department.

“24 hours away from the kiddos is not anything fun,” Lynn said. “I just hope they understand one day.”

And DFD’s not done yet. The families tell us they hope to do a senior photo back at the station when the kids graduate high school.