Elderly Denison couple loses home of 60 years to fire

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- An elderly woman saved her disabled husband from their burning home Monday afternoon, but now they're homeless.

"It's terrible, terrible, but the blessing is that we made it out safe," Parker said.

Odelia Parker and her husband were eating lunch Monday inside the place they've called home for more than 60 years, off of Maurice Avenue in Denison.

"And we smelled the smoke and we looked up in the attic and it was on fire," Parker said.

Immediately Parker started moving.

"I grabbed the wheelchair he was sitting in, wrapped a rope around it and backed him out all the way into the yard," Parker said.

Her husband is unable to walk but Parker said in the moment, she gained the strength she needed to pull him out.

"Cause I didn't want anything to happen to him," Parker said.

They got outside and a neighbor saw them.

"My neighbor, God bless him, he saw him, came and got my husband and brought him to a safe place," Parker said.

"After fire crews got on scene, they reported heavy smoke coming from the house," Denison Assistant Fire Chief Mark Escamilla said.

Escamilla said though fire danger is high right now, this fire does not appear to be sparked by weather conditions.

"This is kind of in a wooded area, wind is not too bad," Escamilla said.

The home has heavy damage and is not livable.

It's not the six decades worth of items inside that mattered most, Parker said what's most important is the man she shared all of it with.

"The furniture or whatever is destroyed can be replaced, but my sweet, loving husband cannot be replaced and that's what I'm so grateful for," Parker said.

The couple is being helped out by the Red Cross for the night. They do not have insurance and said they could use any help that is available.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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