Election results for Southern Oklahoma sales tax and Coalgate school bond

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A 3.5 million dollar school bond for Coalgate schools passed on Tuesday.

It'll pay for a new cafeteria, which will also serve as a community safe room and renovate the old cafeteria into five classrooms. Property taxes will increase by 11 dollars and 36 cents per 100 dollars of tax paid, for the next six years.

Over in Johnston County, a half-cent sales tax to pay for salaries and benefits for local dispatchers passed on Tuesday. Dispatchers used to be paid for by the Sheriff's Office, but recent cuts took that option off the table.
The tax will begin in February and continue for the next five years.

In Pontotoc County, voters approve a reinstatement of the nine-sixteenth cent sales tax that funded the construction of the county jail in 2007. Sheriff John Christian said the jail had been operating on a surplus from the original tax and now that money has run out. It will also fund roads and bridges, and county EMS services.

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