FBI Uniform Crime report shows no homicides worked by APD in 2018

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Within a year the major crimes listed dropped a total of 4% - including murders, down from two in 2017 to none in 2018.

Karli Clearman and Justin Sullivan who were found shot in a burned car outside Clearman's home in 2017.

In 2018 investigators were able to arrest Carlton Franklin for the double homicide.

"We are proud that we didn't have to work any new homicides," Capt. Keith Ingle said. "This is our first year since 2009 that we didn't have at least one homicide."

Ingle says with no reports of homicides in 2018, investigators were able to spend their time focusing on solving previous cases.

One of those cases was the murder of Ella Loftis, who was found shot to death on her front porch in 2014.

Ardmore police arrested Stephen Vineyard for her murder.

Ingle says investigators are now working on a case from 1973, the Murder of J.C. Dunn, an Ardmore coach and teacher who was found shot to death in his home.

'We've got some leads we're following up on," Ingle said. "We've made several interviews, we still a couple interviews left in that investigation and will see where that takes us."

Ingle says he believes the decrease in major crimes is because of the increased police presence on the streets and the relationship the department has created with its residents.

"Our officers are great about getting out of their vehicles and not just driving around in circles (but) communicating with folks," Ingle said "You'd be amazed how many people would tell you we have this issue going on here, or this issue there or I saw this," Ingle said.

And residents agree.

"I live over off Broadway and I see police cars everywhere so they're out on the streets, working the streets, taking care of business," Sheryl Massingill said.

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