FCC helping phone companies fight robocalls

Published: Jun. 7, 2019 at 6:33 PM CDT
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According to YouMail, a company that researches phone calls in the United States, Texas led the country with over 500 million robocalls in May.

Folks around town are looking forward to seeing less of those scams.

"What unites people better than 'lets block freakin robocalls?' I hate them. Everyone hates them," said Mike Smith, who works in Denison.

Smith said his business phone gets up to 10 robocalls in a day.

"I start out polite, and as soon as I hear a pause or if its a robocall I hang up, maybe a bad word," said Smith.

According to YouMail, over 4.7 billion robocalls were made across the country in May.

This year, nearly 25 billion robocalls have been made across the country.

On Thursday the FCC voted to allow phone carriers to block robocalls based on analytics.

YouMail CEO Alex Quilici believes carriers will first focus on blocking the obvious robocalls.

"The one that comes from an area code that doesn't exist, the one that's from a bad prefix, the number that hasn't been assigned to anybody. Then, they'll try to roll out more and more from there. I don't expect them to go hog wild and block every single possible robocall," said Quilici.

Denison police lieutenant Mike Eppler said the department gets a couple of calls a week from people reporting robocalls.

He said if the same number calls over and over, it can be considered harassment.

Otherwise, there isn't much law enforcement can do.

"What I recommend to people is number one, if you don't recognize the number that comes up on your caller ID, don't answer it, and let your voicemail get it," said Lt. Eppler.

"They should absolutely block them, I feel like that should be a bi-partisan issue," said Smith.