'Families Belong Together' march held in Grayson County

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Thousands of people across the country rallied Thursday against the Trump administration's recently adopted "zero-tolerance" illegal immigration policy.

The main tagline is "Families Belong Together." It's in response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions saying they will now refer every adult caught crossing the border illegally for federal prosecution. Their children then sent into government care.

Thursday, more than 40 people marched in Grayson County to join the national movement.

"Children deserve to be here with their families together, they don't deserve to be separated," America Vallejo said.

For America Vallejo, it's a message that hits close to home.

"I have a lot of family members that are undocumented," Vallejo said.

Vallejo said her family has been trying to become citizens for years.

"They've been here for years, it's not like their criminals here, we're all human here, human rights are international rights," Vallejo said.

Event Organizer Jan Fletcher said that's what this march is about, human rights.

"America was founded for people seeking asylum, people seeking a better life, this is not America to treat people in this fashion," Fletcher said.

Bystander Draven Shields agrees that children should not be the ones punished, but he said criminal charges may be necessary.

"I understand people coming across illegally getting prosecuted, but if they have kids, they need to make sure those kids are taken care of," Shields said.

But Fletcher said the protesting will go on until the policy is changed.

It's reported now more than 11,000 minors are being held in 14 states, either coming unaccompanied or separated from their parents

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said this policy is not meant to harm children but to enforce laws. The Trump administration is now creating shelters to house the children who entered illegally.